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So, Keith and I are NOT going to be going to the club anytime soon it looks like unless I decide to just go ahead and do it even though I know Fiona isn't really comfortable with it. She kept saying it was fine when I told her Keith wanted to go, but she wouldn't look at me and she wouldn't elaborate. I told her we didn't plan to play and even if we did I would NOT do anything with another women (per her request earlier). Still nothing but a quick change of the subject.

Being the worrier I am, I talked to Mario today and he pretty much confirmed what I assumed was going on: she isn't comfortable with me going but doesn't want Keith to resent her and doesn't feel like she has the right to tell me not to do something. So, Keith being the wonderful husband he is, agreed that we would find other plans even though I can't even offer an idea as to WHEN we will be able to do what he wants to do. Fiona (and Mario, actually) would like us all to go back to the club together one more time, but Mario doesn't really have the urge to return AND they apparently are unable to find reliable childcare for the crazy late night that it would be.

I asked Mario if they'd be able to get a sitter so the four of us could go out for a nice dinner and maybe out for a few drinks, and he said it was too late to do it for this week (not necessarily true, I babysit and people ask for a few days away all the time... He refused to even try). Keith and I are going out just the two of us, which will be great and I am really looking forward to it, but I would still like for us all to spend some time together as adults, without anyone having to worry about a kid. AKA without me and Fiona having to worry about a kid. lol Hopefully one day soon...
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