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Default New to Poly need some help.

Ok so, I really want people to be honest and open with me and help me in anyway i can.

I am 21 an BI. I have always favored males but i have really connected with several girls. I recently got involved with a couple who have been together for 3 years and i have been friends with both of them for a very long time. It started out as just the three of us fooling around and then turned into the guy asking for me to be in a relationship with them. This is my first foray into poly and while i really like some aspects of it I am having a hard time dealing with some of it. I am very quickly falling madly in love with the guy but while i adore her im not having as much of an emotional connection with her. And it makes me feel really guilty. I sort of feel like i shouldn't care about him as much as i do because he was hers first. Also I am struggling with some minor jealousy.

She has also started treating me diffrent. She has been kind of cold an snappy at me and I think she might be a little hurt by the ammount of time me and him have been spending together. An it worries me that he is gonna break up with me because of the fact that she is getting upset. I also am having troubles with feeling "second best".

Honestly I care about both of them soo much and I really want this to work out. Read this site has shown me that these relationships can be long term and can be wonderful and I just nee help getting used to it.
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