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Hey there Sabariel

I read your profile and found it interesting. I'm hoping to find another four or five women just like yourself to form a family together with. I think from your description of yourself, that would be an environment you would thrive in. I'd like to by you a coffee or soda sometime. When are you usually free for meeting people?
Apparently "polyamorous" actually means I want to belong to a harem...

I replied:

Wow, really?

Ok, first. "My self-summary should be filled in with time." How about you start with that and then start messaging random women who happen to be poly, once we have the vaguest idea who you are, what your interests are (aside from houses full of vagina), and whether you're a real person with real interests and thoughts and feelings, or just some creepy rapist guy.

Second. So you get your own personal harem... What's in it for me? I assume you would expect me to stop dating the other people I'm currently seeing in order to join your household?

Third. Suppose I joined your "family" and then you meet a new woman and you'd like her to join, but when we meet, I absolutely hate her. Do you just drop her? Or do you expect me to suck it up and get over it, and move her in despite the tensions and anxiety that will create in the "family."

Lastly, how do you have any clue what kind of environment I would "thrive" in? Nothing in my profile implied that I'm seeking a poly household or even so much as a roommate, never mind a house full of estrogen and probably babies too. Would you expect me to make babies? I don't particularly like babies, and I'm pretty sure I would be unable to live in a house full of babies and small children. Actually, scratch "pretty sure." I would go absolutely bat-shit crazy living in a house full of babies and small children. Possibly to the extent that the authorities would need to be involved.
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