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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
I was in another relationship before Nyx that was an open relationship. I might go to a party, talk to another girl, get a number, go on a date, maybe it didn't work out. I would mention it to my partner later that week or maybe not, but it wasn't a big deal either way. It seemed well understood that those sort of things would happen and we didn't need to fill out a full detailed report on every little incident. Now if the date went well or we were interested in someone and knew things were progressing, we would talk in more detail.
Here it is again. Comparing the dynamics of one relationship with others you have had. You had agreements and ways of doing things and such with all other partners and you consistently believe that any relationship currently and ahead of you is/should have the same dynamics. I am NOT those women. There might be minute similarities, true, but if you expect to succeed in poly or any relationship for that matter, you will have to stop seeing all relationships you have as the same basic one. If you want to have a "take me as I am, I will do whatever I want whenever I please and if you try to stop me in any way, you should leave the relationship" then maybe you SHOULD start saying that up front.
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