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Awww, Guy In Black, it's a shame you can't afford them. Especially as the 360 is really damn cheap these days. You could even get a good PS3 for a nice price. Even better if you go second hand. I'd say I'm lucky in that I had the many monies it cost for my PC. But it really is a tool I needed. I do the majority of my work on here, as well as using it for gaming.

Girl In Gray [Grey =P], I remember that South Park game. I'm sure it must have been on PS1 as well or something. I never owned it, but I knew friends who did. It was pure cheese of a game. =P

I've never been much of a board games kinda guy. I'm probably from one of the first generations that got into computer gaming before board games. But it's hard to beat a classic game of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. I've never played any tabletop stuff like D&D though. Perhaps I should give it a go, but I'd have no idea where to start. It's such a stereotypical nerd game. =P
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