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I started out with Oregon Trail on our first family computer and then moved on to Tetris and Duck Hunt. I still wish they would add old fashioned Tetris on the ps3, which is the system we have now. As a kid I also played some of the typical board and card games, Uno and trouble.
Learned to play Everquest years ago while with an ex and I hated it.
Gamerboy taught me how to play Magic when we first got together. I built a couple of decks; kicked his butt, BAD. After that we played board games for a while, Settlers of Catan and Kill Doctor Lucky. Then Gamerboy convinced me to start playing WOW with him. I don't play regularly or have top level characters but I do enjoy playing occasionally.
We bought a ps3 last year but we rarely play games on it. We bought it so we could watch Netflix and Hulu in the livingroom.
Eventually Madscientist and Gamerboy wanted to start playing D&D again and needed another player, so they convinced me to learn how to play.
D&D is the game we most frequently play and we've been playing fairly regularly for a couple of years now. In that time the guys have decided to strip down and rebuild the game, so we are playing a slightly different version now.
I think Gamerboy sometimes regrets teaching me how to play D&D. He frequently runs the games and Madscientist and I are a fairly ornery team. Madscientist and I bounce off of each other a lot and rarely taken the beaten path. Gamerboy has had to learn not to plan out anything too much since Madscientist and I always do what he least expected us to. I say it has made him a better story teller and player but I think sometimes he'd love to smack the both of us.
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