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Originally Posted by CautiousLoops View Post
my FM would like to meet tonight because they said they would like to understand where my emotions are at with my partner.

I know it's past when this was supposed to happen. I'll offer this up for future reference.

I'd *never* meet with a FM in circumstances such as this. To do so is to enable further bad behavior.

How does that enable bad behavior? By agreeing to meet with a such an agenda, you're communicating to the FM that you agree he has every right to be able to expect to call you to task for anything he wants and to interfere in your life. If you agree to a meeting under that rubric, you're reinforcing his ideas that he has rights to impose his nonsense on you--and he will keep doing so forever after.

I'd simply tell him it's none of his business and he needs to keep that in mind. And that he owes me an apology for causing a scene in front of my date and hurting my feelings.
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