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I got it never said ok you said people make mistakes they get caught up in the moment. It seemed to minimize

To add perspective ....and this is not something I'm proud of but I did more than my share of hard drinking. I worked in an industry in which entertaining clients was like a second job. The weapon of choice alcohol. Bottom line I now have a hyper active liver. So I'm not coming at this as some teetotaler.

Drunk enough to think that was a good idea. Not drunk enough to remember her profile comments or fantasy. Drunk enough to put his hands /fingers down there. Not so drunk as to try to conceal it(blanket). Drunk enough to get her good and ready .....not drunk enough that once started he got caught in this now secondary moment and jumped on top of her or drop down and give her head. ....Sober enough to pace his touch or read her reaction to deliver the orgasm after they left. And all of the same could be applied to her as well. Seems to me if they were both super drunk at some point in this they wouldn't have cared who was around them or even noticed. AND for his second offense he wasn't still drunk? Now his drunkenness doesn't get a pass. Apparently you haven't had many conversations with drunks. If he had been a weepy emotional drunk such a talk would have had him crying in a ball on the floor with her til morning. He's either not that type of drunk or he wasn't that drunk by that time. He chose to go finish what he started.... thinking with little Elvis... real simple. Too drunk that Little Elvis didn't work? or not so drunk ?

That's just how my formerly blood shots eyes see it. By the way during that time period I use to shower 3-4 mornings a week with glacier glasses on.
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