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Opal, if you're not quite sure you're ready to dive in to rpg games, I highly suggest giving the card game Munchkin a try. It comes in lots of variations (DnD, Vampires, spies, cthulhu, ninjas, etc.), it's not nearly as much work/thought as creating your own character, and you can finish a game in less than a couple hours.

For me, I don't do video games much. I played Breakout, Centipede, Frogger, etc occasionally on my grandparents' Atari when I was a kid, got an NES in middle school and played Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt (when my sis and I could get the controller from our dad) but until I got married that's about it.

Monochrome and I have owned a PS and a PS2, and still have some games for them, but we haven't played them in FOREVER. I think at one point we had a N64 that I played a Southpark game on. It involved turkeys, iirc. But now my 5 year old wants to try video games, so some of those might get dragged out again.

I'm a tabletop gamer. DnD, Vampire: TM, Mage and Monochrome is working on getting me into a GURPS or Heroes game with TGIB. I'm not a great actress, so my characters end up being a lot like me (or like I wish I was ) but I enjoy sitting around with my friends with soda/snacks/alcohol. Kinda like a movie night but FAR more interactive.
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