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I agree with Ceoli and RedPepper. I'd like to see some statistics, too. Clarity of reasoning and factual support would be very helpful in furthering this discussion.

Also, characterizing the discussion of your reasoning and the request for factual support as a "rant" isn't conducive to encouraging others to join the discussion.

Finally, perhaps you might want to spend a little more time reading existing posts here on this forum before you assume the ladies here are generally operating under the enculturation of repression so prevalent in Western society. If the common social motivators worked on us polyfolk, we would all be traditional monogamists; clearly, we are not. Because love and respect for all parties, including oneself, demonstrated through honesty, trust, compassion, and open communication lie at the heart of polyamory, I've found that many or most of the polyfolk here have either done the work to discover their own genuine needs and desires (including their sexuality) or are in the process of doing so. Thus, many observations which may apply to society in general do not apply to polyamorists. If I were to make a generalization about polyfolk, I would say that, in general, we have either shaken off the shackles of repression, are picking the locks now, or at least rattling the chains.

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