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Default Gaming and Gamers

Seems to be a fair few of us around the site and find it very interesting. My thoughts were to just make a casual thread for gaming. Perhaps tell us your favourites, what consoles you own/enjoy playing on. Maybe what first got you into gaming and what your first game was? What games are you playing now?
If it's cool with you, maybe add gamertags/usernames for people to add you. Of course, like any information on the internet, make sure it is something you are sure you want to share with the public before doing so. =]

I'll start us off, as I should. =P

I started gaming back when I was about 4 or 5. At least that I can remember. I'm not sure if my first ever experience of gaming was on a PC or my Sega Megadrive [Genesis for you strange Americans and such].

Of course my first on the Megadrive was the classic Sonic The Hedgehog. I don't know a single person who didn't have this for their Megadrive. It probably came in some bundle at the store or something. I would totally buy a Megadrive again, just for that game. =P

On PC, I remember my first games being Superfrog and the absolutely amazingly cheesy Zool. A game sponsored by Chupa Chups lollipops. XD That was on my father's PC. Probably one of the very early adopters of the PC and especially an early adopter of PC music recording.

But hey, back to gaming. I went through/have been through many consoles. With my first being the Megadrive, I went down the Playstation route. PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3. In fact still owning the last 3. I found the PSP to be incredbly flawed though. I bought maybe 1 game for it ever. Ended up hacking the thing and downloading other games through torrenting for it. Even now, I still never really pick the thing up.

First ever game on my PS1 was Worms. A game which actually got me into both Trance and Ambient music, through the amazing work of Bjorn Lynne. I think he's like the official go to guy for Worms series music. But a damn great game too.

I still enjoy my PS3 from time to time, but games on the thing are a real blow to the funds at times. But with online play being free and have great processing power, I really can't argue. Did you know, the first batches were actually being sold at about half the price they were worth? Puts a real spin on everyone complaining that the prices were so high eh?

These days, after building myself a great music production rig, I've actually turned to the PC as my main gaming rig. With just the addition of a fairly nice graphics card, I've been able to play everything I've ever desired to.

Some of my favourite games... Definitely the Worms series. Especially the early games. Metal Gear Solid. Since playing the first one, I always wanted to play the others. Eventually did and have loved the series since. The PSP versions, not to great. Looking so forward to Metal Gear Rising though!
The GTA series, as typical as that may be. =P I have posters from the series all over my bedroom wall. Again, been a fan from the start. I think I played the first game back on a PC before playing it on the PS1 though.

Right now I'm playing a lot of Skyrim. Just completed the newest Assassin's Creed. Love a bit of Dirt 3 now and then. I like to play around with new games before going back to old ones that have lasted the test of time. I'm not a huge online gamer, but I do when I can. I'd especially love a partner on Portal 2 if anyone ever fancies it.

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