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Its interesting... One of my most sexually positive friends is really not receptive to the idea of polyamory. When I bring it up to her she seems to get defensive and simply says that it won't work. Me and O will break up. End of story.
Others who are not as sexually positive are more supportive and analyze the situation more objectively. I feel there must have been some sort of trigger in my other friend to make her react this way. However, most of my close friends would "Never" even consider exploring this lifestyle. One, who is in a long term relationship said she is actually a bit jealous of me! She wishes she could do the same - or at least talk about it.

For myself - My libido has never been higher. I have gotten over the "wrong vs right" thing about sex, and I stay safe. I have a new appreciation for my body, and the male body. I am probably one of the few women who think penises are beautiful. I admire them, which I know is out of the box. Many people say this about women's bodies, but I think men are works of art too - and not just the muscular ones.

I think I just decided "fuck it" (ha pun intended) and embraced my sexuality post divorce, realizing that it is healthy, and that all that matters is that I and others are safe within my actions, both emotionally and physically.
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