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Default Ok - nuff said..........

Ok Ceoli,
This rant is starting to be a disservice to the readers. We're not going to get any other feedback if it continues so.........
We'll give you your points on scientific validity (never the intention anyway) but ding you points on your "confirmation bias" theory. Totally familiar with that and definitely not the case.
But again, Nuff said. Be happy to continue the debate/clarification in some other way, but feel it's unfair to the readers to continue it here. We believe our email is public here (?) so feel free if it really means that much to you.
In the meantime - lets hear it from others ...............

How many of you ladies have had serious, heartfelt discussions with your mono minded friends and what - if anything- would it have taken to get them to really sit down and analyze their options and choices ?
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