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I want to offer a comment about touch. I had major touch withdrawal when I graduated massage school (way back in the eighties). I went to school everyday for several hours (I can't now recall), it was a 500+ hour course, so it was a few months. We massaged each other EVERY DAY. Which was awesome. And stupid hard to stop.

I dated a beautiful boy for a bit (long dark hair, darker than me skin, gorgeous spirit and heart) who is pure hippie. When I met him, he had just returned from Brazil, where he'd been for about six months. (he used to speak Portuguese at me a lot. I never understood but I totally didn't care)

He touches everyone. Even though I'm an ex, I get a proper, and long, full-body hug, and the face kissing thing. I noticed when I first met him that he was extra touchy, and we talked about it. He said everyone was like that in Brazil and he had grown quite accustomed to it, and was noticing that it was not so prevalent here in the states. Even California.! I developed courage around that habit from him, and started doing it more myself. I try not to pull back when I am inspired to touch people I'm in conversation with. The 'safest' I've observed, is a slight resting or grasp of the forearm. It's often a zone where people won't feel invaded.

It's not cuddling, but it's a way to further connection in the world, I think. And to show the universe I'm willing to give what I'd like to have back.

I find myself looking forward to your updates.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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