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Being members of a variety "meeting" sites - both conventional and alternative lifestyle areas as well as spending time on those and other live chat networks we can only absolutely assure you the surge is real. Currently I bet we are approached between 50 - 100 times a week by bisexual or curious men that would like involvement with an open minded couple.
Being the philosophical and research minded people we are, we, whenever possible, take the time to have real in-depth conversations with as many of these people as time permits.
The explanations and reasoning form a VERY obvious pattern.
Your pattern is still biased by a selective population of people. What you're practicing is something called confirmation bias. Instead of using a statistically balanced sample, you're finding men from meeting sites which already skews your sample. Then when you find men that are interested in meeting couples, you have further skewed your sample. Now it may be that more bisexual men who are bisexual for the reasons you state have better access, but that gives no information about the population as a whole.

To put it another way: I like apple pie. I join a site that is about apple pie and I'm noticing more and more people are joining said apple pie site. Wow! That must mean there must be a surge of apple pie likers in the world, huh?

No, it means more people are joining an apple pie website. There is no other information one can really glean from that because there are far too many factors that are unaccounted for. This is why anecdotal evidence *isn't* used to illustrate statistical trends.

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We wonder why YOU are questioning this so intensely ?
Is it that shocking ? Does it hold some deeper meaning for you ?
Are these assumptions you're making? I am questioning it specifically because social science is something I'm very interested in as well as gender studies and queer issues, particularly those issues around bisexual identity (I identify as bisexual). I see severe cracks in the reasoning upon which you're building this entire question. I also question it because I'm pretty sure most of the men of the bisexual community would be rather insulted by the assertions you're making. And when I see assumptions based on very little evidence that seem to promote destructive stereotypes (i.e. more and more bisexual men are bi because they must be sexually frustrated) you can bet I'm going to want some pretty clear conclusive evidence of it. You haven't been able to provide that.

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Our only intent in broaching this topic was to try to raise the awareness level, particularly, in the female population, of the true repercussions of their attitudes & actions. To maybe foster a little self analysis by asking the question - "is this the society I would intentionally choose to foster & live in?"

Is this gap to large to bridge ? Do we end up with a world where M/F sex (or any of the other various options MMF etc) exists solely for reproductive purposes ? What do we lose by not stretching ourselves a little to form those bonds and understand each other ?
I think you'll find that there are far more aware people than you're assuming. You'll also find that there are a heck of a lot of people of all genders already doing such analysis. However, it seems that if that analysis doesn't fit into how you think it should look, then there's no place for it in your conversation. If you are indeed philosophical and research minded, I would suggest that before you re-invent the wheel here, you educate yourselves with some reading on gender studies, feminism and queer theory where these are not new questions or conversations.
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