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Originally Posted by countrygirl View Post
However, I feel really angry that I had to read it on a "blog" on a website rather than her waiting until we could all sit down and talk.
I agree with other comments in that I didn't see her post as a criticism of you or your husband or your actions (I'll admit I only read the first post, not the whole thread) but I am totally with you on this part.

I am really careful to let my guys know when I post something about them, whether it's this forum or somewhere else, so it's not a surprise to them and they have an opportunity to respond.

Even if she needed to talk about it specifically before sitting down with you two, to sort out her own thoughts ahead of time, she should have let you know and maybe asked that you not read that particular thread until she had a better handle on her own emotions. (Might change my mind about that second part later. I don't know how I'd feel if I were asked the same favor but I'm hoping I'd respect their need for some time on their own without my input, even if I didn't like it. I'm very much a "Let's deal with this NOW" kind of person and both my loves are "I need time to think about this before I say anything".)
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