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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Do you think being Bi makes someone more likely to be open to the idea of poly? Does being attracted to more than one gender have an effect on the way we look at relationships in general?
Interesting thread

I hadn't thought about it, but I think it did affect some for me. Some in the ways that others have mentioned, thinking outside the box; and some for just wanting balance. (I'm also a libra, and slightly obsessed with balance)

I discovered I was attracted to girls in high school (though found a pic of a butch girl I crushed on at girl scout camp and realized it maybe started earlier). I grew up with dad's playboy subscription on the reading stand in the bathroom. I mostly read the cartoons and the jokes, but it was pretty female-centric and titillating. I found some article in the newspaper my senior year in high school, there was a lot of political gay liberation going on then, for discussion/extra credit in class. I remember thinking 'I didn't know girls were an option!' I had hard crushes on two classmates and a teacher. Next year at college I got involved in some of the politics and it was very odd that everyone I met just assumed I was gay. I wanted to 'belong' in the culture, and it seemed so accepting.

My first girlfriend was a woman who dated the boy who was my bf in my freshman year. It was his second senior year and he dated her. I was totally jealous. She was gorgeous. We were the only two girls who rode motorcycles to school ~ I always wanted to kick hers over (but I didn't). She's now a man. My second gf always talked about wanting to be a man and how she really was a man, but she would never get the surgery. It was the first gf that I almost entered into triad with (but they tried to go into the bedroom without me, and I was damned if I was gonna wait. so it never flew).

I always harbored the thought that MFF would get me both, and that might be ideal. I just never met people who were good at sharing. I haven't been excellent at sharing, either. The straw that broke the camel's back when I asked current bf to move out was that he was emotionally sharing with online peeps. Things he refused to share with me.

I had no idea poly was so popular among gamers. Can't decide if I like that or not. Both my men are gamers and it hasn't exactly been good for me. But all the friends I've met through them are pretty cool folks, and more poly than you might expect to find in a more random sample.
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