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Default It's not about Religion, not sure what it's about

So, I have watched that "show" about the (really cool, I have to say) Polygamous (specifically, 1 man, 4 wives, 17 kids-whew!) with my husband and we are both quite curious, and trepidatious as we have sort of jokingly discussed the possibility. So, I know it isn't about Religion, because the Religious types seem to have as many hang-ups about the sex part of the whole thing as any other religious folks. I, personally, am a bi-sexual woman who would be devastated if we brought on another "wife" and I was left out of the sexual relationship. The weird thing is that it isn't the sex itself, it is that the sex may lead to an emotional relationship and I don't know that I would be entirely comfortable sharing my husband in that way. But, selfishly, I really want an actual relationship with another woman. So, I want to be in a loving relationship with my husband, and a loving relationship with another wife, but I am uncomfortable with them having a relationship with each other. Wow, epiphany- I am actually pretty insecure, who knew?
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