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thanks for the reply. to be completely honest, i did not think there was any subject that had not been broached between the three of us. i know my reaction was probably not the best to her posting, but i am human just like every one else.

the one thing that hit me the worse is that she worries about what my husband and i talk about when we are alone. first of all, i don't ask what she and the hubs talks about. i don't ask what they do when they spend time together and i am not here. i think i deserve the same respect. as stated before, my husband and i have a four year relationship backing us, and she has only been here for seven months.

i would like to think what i am feeling is normal (whatever the hell normal is), but the more this goes on, i feel like i am teetering on a very thin line about to fall...and i hate that feeling
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