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Default Supporting data/experience

Being members of a variety "meeting" sites - both conventional and alternative lifestyle areas as well as spending time on those and other live chat networks we can only absolutely assure you the surge is real. Currently I bet we are approached between 50 - 100 times a week by bisexual or curious men that would like involvement with an open minded couple.
Being the philosophical and research minded people we are, we, whenever possible, take the time to have real in-depth conversations with as many of these people as time permits.
The explanations and reasoning form a VERY obvious pattern.

We wonder why YOU are questioning this so intensely ?
Is it that shocking ? Does it hold some deeper meaning for you ?

Our only intent in broaching this topic was to try to raise the awareness level, particularly, in the female population, of the true repercussions of their attitudes & actions. To maybe foster a little self analysis by asking the question - "is this the society I would intentionally choose to foster & live in?"

Is this gap to large to bridge ? Do we end up with a world where M/F sex (or any of the other various options MMF etc) exists solely for reproductive purposes ? What do we lose by not stretching ourselves a little to form those bonds and understand each other ?

Wish we could see more activity on this topic............
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