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I agree with NYCindie and Derby; ew and what the fuck?! Alcohol might of been involved but I would be so angry on so many levels! Angry at her, at him, at my friends. I would be doing some major assessment on who I spend my time with. None of what you say went down would be okay with me. There is a time and place for everything and no one did right by you the whole way through. Totally inappropriate behaviour for the situation.

Lesson learned for the bf, the rest could go to hell I think. I would be giving them a piece of my mind when I calm down. No wonder you're struggling. To me the way you are emotionally responding in this situaion is right on the money in terms of what is okay. It isnt anything to do with you and what is going on for you that concerns me, its everyone elses behaviour that is the issue. What they did caused this in you as they didn't empathize/consider you at all and now you are left with the burden of some how saving face and making it right. Total bullshit, they all owe you a big apology. They are the ones that should be taking this on, not you.
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