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He loves me more than anything. I know he does. He supports me through school which is a big deal. Before March, we split everything 50/50. We paid our half when it came to living. Combining our finances (where he had nothing to gain and everything to lose) was a big deal. Me not working at all was a big deal. We don't even believe in social welfare (at least not as expanded as it is right now). Our personal beliefs are that you work hard for what you get. We grew up surrounded by alcoholics who expected handouts. We refuse to live that way.

So the fact that I didn't live up to my bargain is also a big deal. But he loves me and still supports me even when I fail. He's been very patient with me, dealing with my depression and bipolar and utter lack of wanting to do anything some days. All he asks is that I give it my best. Keep the house clean, cook the food, and do my best in school. In exchange, we live a very comfortable life that he worked his butt off to attain.

Aside from finances... I know he loves me. Like I said, he has dealt with my bipolar and constantly deals with me when I forget to take my medication and am extra moody and lazy. We aren't the same kind of people. I'm a Libra and he's a Leo... not that I strictly follow astrology, but for us at least the descriptions are almost spot on. I believe in equality, while he is a born leader. It can be tough to manage.

No relationship is perfect, but I'm in a safe home, protected and loved and provided for. We have open communication, even if we don't always agree. I don't have a lot of experience with relationships, but I'm not sure I could do any better. He is driven, hard working, and is only going to achieve great things. We practice compassion and empathy when we can (though I'm the one who usually has to point out the empathy hehehe). He doesn't physically abuse me and I really don't think he emotionally abuses me. He just struggles with empathy and consideration sometimes. But don't we all?
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