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I hope I don't appear meek and passive... or just justifying situations that are wrong.

Maybe I'm stronger than him? I'm not sure. But isn't it the consensus to go at the person with the slowest pace? I don't NEED to date. Sure, it would be fun. But it's not like I've already met someone, fallen in love with them, but am barred by my husband. I'm not in any pain by waiting.

The only thing that bothers me is when he says he's not sure he will be able to handle it after the fact. Like ... he was trying to explain that he will feel distanced from me and may not want to stay? This is something relatively new, so I'm still confused by it. If it's the case, then this hurts me more than anything. Because what he said before the prostitute, was that he wasn't sure if he could continue our relationship if we didn't try this. I'm not sure if this was stemming from his unfulfilled sexual needs or what. But it just sounds backwards to me.

And now he says that he's not even sure if he wants us to be poly... while still maintaining a profile on OKC and responding to girls if they message.

I'm just always left being confused.
In a relationship with Armani for ten years. New to the poly world and excited. Living in New Orleans...
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