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Originally Posted by jeffnmeg View Post
this is the scenario.... were at the bar, having a few drinks, when a woman seems to be into the both of us and she starts kissing me a little and the next day we set up a date. just before the date or at the date she confesses that she is straight and not actually interested in either of us..... I DONT GET IT! then why were u kissing me?
Oh, yeah, the "I only kiss other chicks when I'm drunk" brand of getting other people's attention in a bar. Yep, there are straight women who do that, just to be titillating and have the kind of fun they normally wouldn't let themselves have. They might just be curious about what being with another chick would be like but never have any intention to follow through "for real."

I would agree that meeting women in bars (especially late into the evening when much alcohol has been consumed) is not the best option for you. If I were you two, I'd go out and meet people doing other activities you enjoy, build friendships, and see what happens.

Another option is online dating - do you have profiles on OKCupid? It's a very popular site with polyfolk (free to join), and I believe you can have one profile as a couple if you want.
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