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Husband and I both identify as Agnostic, ThatGuyInBlack (partner) identifies as...I honestly don't know. There's a belief in a higher power, but I think he falls somewhere between Christianity and paganism. I have a friend who is straight, possibly poly, and Buddhist but I've never really talked to him about it.

As far as how Christianity deals with polyamory, I've been thinking about this in regards to how I come out to my Catholic mom (in a few years). In the Old Testament there were plenty of mistresses, so I figure (if there is a) God can't be COMPLETELY opposed to multiple partners. Ultimately, I don't see God be against love in any form that respects and satisfies all parties involved, whether it's poly, gay marriage, etc. Luckily my mom agrees about gay marriage- she doesn't think religion should have ANYTHING to do with the legal status of a committed relationship, so I already know she's more willing to be reasonable and open-minded than some Catholics. However, she still flipped out when it was HER daughter who came out as Bi. :-/ So, we shall see.

And thanks for the responses, you guys! Y'all are FAST!
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