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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Do you think being Bi makes someone more likely to be open to the idea of poly? Does being attracted to more than one gender have an effect on the way we look at relationships in general?
I have to say: no, at least not for me. I knew that I was bi since my last school years, when I was strongly attracted to a female friend. I didn't understand poly at all, when I first recognized that I fell in love with another man years later.

Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
I realized I was Bi before I realized I was poly,[...]

The other reason for starting this thread (and for the title) is to vent- OHMYGOD I'm tired of people that I'm out to assuming that because I'm Bi and married to a male that I'm automatically looking for a female because that's "what you're missing" or some crap like that. No, actually, I'm Bi because I'm attracted to BOTH genders and fall for the PERSON, regardless of their gender. Most of my relationships have been with guys, turns out. [...] But I have my husband and my partner (both male) and I'm happy. As far as I'm concerned these relationships are for the rest of my life and are going to keep me more than busy enough- I'm not looking to add anyone else so me being Bi is sort of a moot point now.
I just have to second all of this I have never been in love with a woman up to now, just generally feel a strong attraction. But I am not a person that falls in love easily, it has happened three times in my whole life up to now in a romantic way. The rest was just about physical attraction, curiosity and chance. Can't say that it will never happen, but I am not actively searching.

Originally Posted by Castalia View Post
Another observation I have had is that there seem to be a large number of poly people who are gamers, (rpg's or mmo's)
Don't know if this is some kind of personality trait, but count us in. Lin and I are geeks/nerds by heart and very fond of everything that is out there rpg, mmo or generally video game-wise. Sward has some preferences as well, but they are special even in our opinion ^.^
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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