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Yes, you are totally correct about that assessment. It's something he's just going to have to work on, which we talked about a lot yesterday.

The party stress was from the mix of 2 totally vanilla people in a room full of kinky people, and wanting to make sure they felt like they fit in and had a good time. They know I'm kinky/poly, but they are new to that circle of friends.

And no, I don't know if they realized or saw. I was speaking more hypothetically.

The going back to bed thing, he says was because he knew I wanted to keep up appearances. Which was very true, at the time, I just couldn't make myself go in and sleep there. In the morning I told her and a friend who stayed the night that I was up all night with a bad hangover. I don't like going through emotional things in front of others, even close friends. Probably weird, but I've always been that way.
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