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Default Bi Assumptions

Admittedly I've only been browsing the forum for 2 days, but I have noticed what seems to be a higher-than-average number of bisexual people here. I know there's some overlap of the LGBT and Poly communities, at least where I am, but here's what I've been wondering:

Do you think being Bi makes someone more likely to be open to the idea of poly? Does being attracted to more than one gender have an effect on the way we look at relationships in general?

I realized I was Bi before I realized I was poly, but looking back at my high school dating history I think being poly is why I'd break up with a guy when I wanted to go out with someone new. I didn't know dating both was even an option! (And dating girls wasn't an option at my high school back then. It just wasn't.)

The other reason for starting this thread (and for the title) is to vent- OHMYGOD I'm tired of people that I'm out to assuming that because I'm Bi and married to a male that I'm automatically looking for a female because that's "what you're missing" or some crap like that. No, actually, I'm Bi because I'm attracted to BOTH genders and fall for the PERSON, regardless of their gender. Most of my relationships have been with guys, turns out. Whether that's leftover social conditioning or because I have a tendency to pick the psycho chicks, I don't know. But I have my husband and my partner (both male) and I'm happy. As far as I'm concerned these relationships are for the rest of my life and are going to keep me more than busy enough- I'm not looking to add anyone else so me being Bi is sort of a moot point now.

So, have at it- a thread to talk about how being bi does or doesn't affect you being poly, or vice versa. Or realizing you were bi, or realizing you really WEREN'T bi. Whatever.

(And mods, if this is a duplicate I'm sorry! I checked the threads tagged "bisexuality" and didn't see anything that had been posted to in the past year or so that seemed similar.)
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