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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

I think you simply are not poly, or poly relationship capable at least not in the approach Legion takes to poly (again no offence…people have different ideas of poly..that’s why I actually am coming to despise the word, it means fuck all, open relationship is at least understandable…sorry..tangent.)

I truly think you should focus on your friendship and the type of connection that works for you. Don’t lose the friendship you have in trying to salvage the love you want.
I agree that I am not poly-capable in the way Legion approaches it. Obviously I am a lot more exclusive and strict in my preferences. But I have my own separate relationships on the side of all this that I am gaining more ground on and I am coming to realize that because I feel capable of loving (at least this one) other man as well as Legion, I tend to disagree about my ability to possibly have poly relationships at some time in the future.

I may not be able to be with this other man because of his situation, but he and I feel love and tenderness for each other and that's all that matters right now. We are very close emotionally, even though it is not possible to be so physically. I have not been physical with L for over a month. Though at first it really bothered me, I have come to know about myself that I don't need to have sex with someone to feel an intensity towards them, to feel love and closeness.
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