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Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
Should I talk to this girl's bf? He really is easy to talk to although I've never spoken to him about something this serious. How do you bring something like this up?
If you are struggling to find people to talk to, I think you should talk to this girls bf. Of course, you'll have to be clear up front that the motivation for your communication is NOT to get it together with him !

So, surely he knows his gf is a hit with your bf?

So, here we go, as a suggestion -

"Hi there, I'd really like to get together with you to discuss whats going on with our partners. I'm new to this, am really struggling, and I'm wondering how you deal with the jealousy and fear of losing your loved one etc? Do you mind if I can get some pointers/reassuring or even just a listening ear from you to allay my fears and help me deal with the situation?"

or similar, you know?

If you approach it that you want to listen to what HE has to say first, he will, I'm sure, be interested in what you are feeling, etc.

worth a try, maybe?

Male M, struggling noob.
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