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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Unless there was some compelling reason to treat this person with more delicacy I would just say "I've already told you that things are fine. You need to accept that and let this go, or it will damage our relationship."
...."damage our relationship", meaning the relationship of the OP with her family member, yeah? 'Cuz The OP certainly doesn't want to give the family member any fodder, for sure. OP, if you use this line (which I think is great), make sure you're clear on that bit.

My sibling and I don't talk much. Sibling thinks my lifestyle choices are Wrong and is vocal that I'll one day "see the light". Certainly that's not as bad as what you're dealing with, but on a lesser degree, I empathize.

I do think it'd be best to let your significant other know what's going on, but I fully agreethat it's wholly unfair to bring them into this unasked-for drama. I, personally, wouldn't even consider asking the significant other to email FM. FM will find something in that gesture to hurt you with, I'd fear.
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