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Default Foolish?

I've been struggling with my feelings about SW for some time now. On one hand, I'm certainly not over Beloved. And I'm not interested in dating seriously right now. But i will make an exception for SW. I told him some time ago that I thought of him as in a different category than my other FWBs - he had boyfriend potential that the others didn't. I think he was a bit startled and bemused by this. And I was shortly trying to repair my marriage. I continue to struggle with the end of my relationship with Beloved - New Years was always our special couple holiday. So that was really hard. But I find myself wanting more from him than friendship or the FWB thing we had for a while. So I told him that what I really wanted was to date to see if a serious relationship can work between us. He was REALLY startled but did not reject the idea right then. So he's thinking things though. I have no idea what he will decide. Wish me luck!
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