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One of the concerns he has voiced is that it hurts him that I would want to find another man when he apparently fulfills all of my needs. Okay. Okay. I know that didn't come out right. See... we started on this poly journey initially because my sex drive is not as high as his. We have sex about every other day, but it's not enough! So, the idea was to bring another woman into the relationship.

After a lot of talks though, I realized that if we were going to open the relationship up, I didn't want to be denied any feelings I might have for a guy while he can sleep with whoever he wants. Especially since I'm not even sure if I am sexually attracted to girls.

I love him and will wait with him. I understand what you are saying about whether he is stalling or working through things. I told him that. I said, "Hey.. for me... it was like standing at the top of a cliff about to go cliff diving for the first time. I wavered and was scared. But eventually.. I jumped. I feel like you aren't even going to try to jump."
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