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Jasmine, the thing is, I don't prefer to be mono. I too have hurt people in the past because I wanted to be with others and gave in to those desires without being up front and I've hurt other people because I ended friendships with them because I was afraid of how I felt about them and how they felt about me and how that would affect whatever relationship I was in at the time. By trying to not hurt a SO by cheating, I hurt a potential partner (and good friend) by closing them out of my life.

The fact that this is probably a good choice for me doesn't make it too much easier. I still have my catholic upbringing and I still have the examples set by my incredibly jealous and possessive mother. On a family cruise once (I'm talking about 30 family members) my father saw a woman he knew. She had been our neighbor and he had known her father quite well. He asked about him, found out he had passed and took her hand to console her. Woooosh! That's the sound of my mother's purse flying past their heads because obviously he's cheating on her in front of our entire extended family. See where I'm coming from now?

So, while I may have these desires in me, I've have 27 years of the opposite beliefs shoved down my throat.
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