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So, I decided that feeling upset over multiple occurrences over 3 (very hectic) days shouldn't cause me to entirely give up. Although one part of me wants to. Our date for Debbie Does Dallas had gotten kind of infringed upon by the boys deciding we all needed to go to this Brazilian restaurant that night since there is a deal going on where it is a whole heck of a lot cheaper. It would still be just her and I going to the play, but instead of a cozy dinner for 2, we will now be having a rowdy dinner for at least 10 (counting kids).

My sister also wants to go to the play, but I have told Fiona I would make up an excuse as to why she couldn't (since Fiona won't let me just come out and say it's a date) if she wants me to, but since the dinner part is already off I didn't know if it mattered -which is the truth since I can't tell what's going on with her the last week or so. I hate to be rude to my sis, but since I can't be honest, rude or completely ruining the date seem to be my only options. I'd be fine planning another evening for the two of us, but I get that it was a great Christmas present that I planned the evening that included a play she is so excited about (Fiona is really into theatre) so I'm not upset if she wants to preserve what she can of the evening.

I'm pretty sure I'm being a bit (or more than a bit) of a bitch in the way I'm presenting the issue to Fiona, though. I sent her a text saying my sis wants to go and said since we were all going to dinner i didn't know if it would be a big deal or not. She just said sure. I told her I accidentally told my bro in law what we were doing so the word spread to my sis and she said it wasn't a big deal and that maybe we could get coffee just the two of us after the play. I told her I could tell my sis that I already got the tickets but just forget to mention that it's general admission if she wanted it to be just the two of us there, but I wasn't sure if it mattered or not. I've heard nothing since.
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