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Involving your bf might help -- he could email FM and set the record straight. But you're right that this is messed up and that involving your bf isn't necessarily fair. You could always tell him the situation and let him decide if he wants to step in... maybe he would very much want to. But it may well make no difference. If FM has their mind made up about this which seems to be the case then no amount of proof might be enough to make a difference.

The lengths I'd be willing to go to would depend on whether this was an immediate family member that I wanted very much to preserve a close relationship with or an extended family member. Are you accommodating this person because youre afraid they will tell the rest of the family? I find the request for a meeting to be pretty bizarre. It's your life and if you need help and advice you're perfectly capable of asking for it.

Unless there was some compelling reason to treat this person with more delicacy I would just say "I've already told you that things are fine. You need to accept that and let this go, or it will damage our relationship."
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