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I don't know why you think there is something to correct in your thinking because you feel disrespected. You and your family were dissed, big time! What your bf did with K at the party was rude, obnoxious, dismissive of you, and downright icky. And then to invite her to share your bed, see you sobbing, and still go back and cuddle with her - what the fuck? Did he lose his mind?

You have every reason to feel disrespected and I see no obligation on your part to try and make things better for him. It would take me a long time before I'd trust him again, and I wouldn't even know if I could be with him for a while. I'd probably take a break until I felt he was sorry, willing to make amends, and that he had proven he is not just another inconsiderate dick.

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I have no reason to be angry at K...
And why not? She knew your family was there. Any sane person would have known that what they were doing was totally inappropriate. I'd also be upset with every one of your friends who knew it was happening and laughed about it. There is a time and place for everything, and I assume you made it clear it was not a kink party.

Why do you take on the burden of telling yourself you have no right to your feelings? Your feelings are your feelings, and valid.
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