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I've been having a great month and good things just seem to be continuing.

Had XmasDay with my son and miss pixi, dinner and we went to see Hugo in 3D.

Last week I saw my two other SOs back to back. The Gentleman came over Thursday evening, dinner, sex, sleeping over. Then Friday I drove up to The Hottie's place for the first time. He'd cleared the day for me. I got there at 3pm. Amazing Sex, then a sunset drive around his lovely seaside town, home for a pasta dinner, a DVD, talking, more incredible sex/kink and a final cigarette on his deck... he has a huge wool cloak and wrapped us both up in it, put his arm around me... and I saw a shooting star. I was welcome to sleep over, but I didn't have time, so regretfully left around 8.

When I got home, I chatted online with miss pixi and The Gentleman. He told me he loved me for the first time... I knew it! But it was nice to hear.

miss pixi and I had a nice quiet romantic weekend and NYE, good snacks and cuddles.

Now, I've got another guy interested in me, he seems great too! I'll call him the Ginger, he's 59 but has bright auburn wavy hair to his shoulders and a ginger and grey beard. He's married, poly, and an old hippie like me. Full of energy and really seems eager to meet me. We're having a date at an art gallery on Friday.
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