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Cool to hear from you MG. I often wonder about your little trio.

We are back in New Zealand for Christmas and New Year (heading back to Australia on Friday). We may shift back here permanently as my younger daughter isn't coping very well. I often look at your situation and wonder why you don't just end all your challenges or look for new relationships but then I look at my situation and see how much splitting up marriages can adversely effect even older children. (sigh). Often choices are never perfect, we just have to make the best of them.

J (Z's SO) is spending a few days with us. It's all very civilised and we get on well together but I don't think either her or I would like to make it a permanent arrangement. That makes me a bit sad for Z, who is so happy when he has his two loves under the same roof. I think the art of compromise is a very important art to become accomplished in.

Happy new year to all of you and hopefully 2012 will be a little easier. xxx
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