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Originally Posted by BFTrick View Post
Ouch. Let me clarify a bit. They both know each other well enough that they can easily pick resolutions that fit the other person. For example Tess hasn't had much reading for pleasure time. One of the suggestions was to at least once a week have a block of 3 hours to dedicate to reading. It is something that all of us are aware that she wants but she has been putting it off. I think it is a great resolution.
Ah, but that's not what you said before. You said they were writing each others' resolutions, which is the same as telling each other what to work on. Now you're saying that it's just suggestions on things they might like to do.

If it really is the second one, then that's fine, but tbh just because it's a new year's resolution doesn't make it any more special. If you're in a long-term thing with someone then surely you're talking about your decisions and goals anyway? Just because you don't arrange a specific sit-down with your partner to each go over your goals, does that mean that you never talk about it? Of course not! And if they're just suggestions, then why are you not able to put your suggestion in?
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