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Had a wonderful afternoon with Derby yesterday. Lunch in a neighboring town, and then wandered through thrift stores for a while. I talked her ear off It was nice to just hang out just the two of us. We don't get to do that often. We held each others arm and it felt nice to be close.

Leo's wife had a date with someone I met on FB. For some reason its consuming my mind. I have no interest in the guy, but we have been chatting for awhile and trying to get together to meet over coffee. I met him in November and both our schedules have been super busy so we haven't found an opportunity to meet until now. We meet next week.

Its kind of anticlimactic at this point some how and I don't get why I feel that way. I think it has something to do with that she met him mid December, he went over to their house to hang out, he met Leo and they mused over his van and then Leo's wife and him went out and they got sexual almost immediately. I have known Leo for three years, dated him once a month since then, have been through the ringer over sex and intimacy with him and Mono and now my interactions with Leo are few and far between because of the business he bought. Here am I hanging on by a thread after having done a shit load of patient work and putting in tons of time to get to a place where we could be as close as I have wanted to be and this guy comes along, says he only has sex for connections sake and fucks my bf's wife first go out. Putting him, in my eyes, in a place that I haven't even reached yet.

I'm jealous#envious. Not only did he hang out with Leo whereas I haven't in over six weeks, but he went to a place that I haven't been with Leo in three years, with his wife in a matter of hours.

Its bugging me that I care so much about it.... so much that I got 4 hours sleep just before my first day back to work. now I'm a wreck and feel a fool.

There is also a matter of the story not lining up as this guy hasn't told me he has even met them face to face, just met her on OKC while the story I get from Leo is that they met and had sex already (he likes to show off about his wife having sex with others for some reason, so he was quick to say so). I suspect this guy thought I was meeting him for a date actually and didn't tell me what he got into as a result. It makes me feel icky on another level.

Ah well, off to drag my sorry ass to work and beat my self up about it all day.
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