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I feel jealous about time at the moment. I have a boyfriend that just bought a business and has no time for me. Our dates are becoming few and far between because of it. I'm concerned about his wife in all this as she seemingly gets LESS date time than me, but when I hear he has been out with other people or has met other people I know and even stood on the front step for five minutes and talked to them I get jealous.... well, envious really.

Ya, kissing at New Years and those other such traditions I don't subscribe to. I do like to make resolutions just because it feels right at this time of year some how. Not because everyone else is. Something about the winter and spring coming. I have no jealousy around people coming into my space and globbing on to me and my life, lol. Or hearing about others doing the same with my loves.... what's the opposite of jealous?
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