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So everything is going better.

L and I still don't talk.
My friends who were away at college are back, well two just left again. We've been hanging out.
I haven't had much alone time. Which explains the long gaps and confusing posts. My sister also gave me a journal for Christmas. I've already written around 25-30 pages!!! oops. I guess I have alot more to say than I ever imagined.

Well. T and I are together, if you haven't already gathered. I shut out B after some intense problems. Since cutting her out, my life isn't so stressful. Which sounds horrible. But it's the truth. I need to be more open. More so than I am.

I stayed at T's for Christmas. Then I did this past weekend for New Year's. We drank wine and celebrated.

I came over for New Year's Eve and stayed. He took me back the next day. Then that night I hung with my two friends from college. They are a couple. And completely . . . AWWWW! They are so perfect for each other really. I wish them the best. They deserve the other. They are even a 'long distance' couple. Long distance being only a few hours away. But they see each other not as much as they were used to for the summer. God. I just can't believe it's 2012...
All the things that happened last year. It feels impossibly close and far.....

Oops. Anyways, back to mah storeee.
So then I hung out with them once I got back to town. It was getting late and they were feeling lazy so they just asked me to stay. I stayed on the couch and watched movies all night. I wanted to keep in my work schedule. They stayed on the other couch and slept. It was a good night. I watched Micmacs. AWESOME FRENCH FILM.

Well then the next day which would be.... yesterday. T texted me on his lunch. I asked him for a ride back to my dad's. I went there with him. He hung out for the rest of his lunch. He asked me to stay again. So alas I stayed at his house again last night. Does he miss me?

That's two nights out of the last three that I've stayed... I haven't stayed with my dad in quite awhile now. ^.^

I caught him watching me brush my hair the other day after I was out of the shower. I was brushing and I like to sneak peeks at him. The mirror is on the wall opposite the one his bed is against. He was lying on his bed. I was brushing in the mirror. I turned to look, thinking he'd be looking at the tv because he was on his xbox. I caught him just watching me. . . . XP ^.^
I felt so good knowing he was watching me do something mundane. That he liked to look at me. I felt pretty.
He giggled. He was trying to be sly.
GAH my heart is gushing.
Well I stayed last night. And I'm actually on his computer writing this right now. I'm staying here during the day while he's off at work. I like being here. Without him I do feel a little alone though. I'm here alone.
I think this means he trusts me alot? Ha ha ha.

Oh shit. Just realized today is Tuesday... I work tonight. Well I'll write more later. I always say this and don't. . . I'm going to crawl back into his cozy bed.

Shit. I don't want to work.
1. One of my managers will be pissed at me so I need to avoid her at all costs*
2. It's work
3. I need another job - money and sanity sake. My hours are getting cut now that the holidays are done. My coworkers are fucking driving me up a wall.
*I called in sick for New Year's Eve. I'm never scheduled Saturdays. The schedule was messed up so I had to ask her to fix it. I had made plans already for that night. Well they pinned me there. I asked a coworker, WHO HAD NO PLANS, to switch shifts. He said no... Which is his right yes. But he is... the worst coworker ever. He disappears for a half an hour at a time to wherever it is he goes. He takes his time, which is not good, considering we have alot to do in a short period of time. He is constantly yelled at by management. The only reason he won't get fired is because he is a day manager's son.............................. fucking nepotism. Don't tell me it doesn't happen.
Well so he just pissed me off. Considering if he would have done it he would have gotten extra pay and because I took his shift from another day, he'd have three days off in a row.......... . . . . . . . . . . It's not like he even needs the money. Frustration. He just irks me.

Well it's almost 9. I should sleep. My toes are currently popsicles.

I think I'll read before sleeping
Me = needing self help
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