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I have a mono boyfriend that has struggled with the same thing in terms of me having sex with other NEW men. Most men do, mono, poly or whatever.

Its hypocritical and an ultimatum for him to be changing up the plan now, but what do you do? I have struggled with that for years! You can read about how it panned out and is panning out in my blog.... this time last year (early December) was a mess! It might be a good place to start. Eventually you will just have to do it and see where it goes. Maybe agree with your date to go for a walk and a coffee or something cheap. Who says dates have to cost much. And who says you have to fuck someone just because you are on a date!

I think it might be helpful to set up the boundaries you could both follow. Talk about how it will pan out and don't back down from what you need to feel good and whole and have good and whole self esteem and self worth. Money shmuney, that is completely irrelevant. Its your turn girl. Go do it. You can date and see what happens no?
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