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Maybe the financials will make more sense if I explain further. I quit working in March to become a full time online student. Now, my graduation date (and hence work start date) depend in how much time I practice on my court reporting machine. Since I quit working and we combined our finances, I didn't put in as much effort as I should have. Basically, we made an agreement that he would support me through school if I put in the extra effort to graduate early.

I didn't put in all of the effort I should have, and now he supports me completely still. He worked really hard to get out of school. He makes good money. There's a huge inbalance in terms of finances. We don't struggle, but that's because of his work and effort.

So if he is uncomfortable with "paying for my dates", I think it might actually stem from him knowing that there is a deeper issue at hand - that I did not live up to my end of the deal.

I am working hard now to fix that, but what's done is done.

ETA: Also, he was dissapointed in his Amsterdam experience. He says that if it's a matter of being equal, he wishes I would just sleep with some guy and call it even.
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