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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I'd have a hard time buying into that. Sounds like it would be based on very localized personal experiences. I would think social acceptance would be the main reason for more men to be openly bisexual and that would greatly impact the stats.
ITA. Thank the goddess many are letting go of the social stigma associated with being a gay (bi) male.

I'd like to add my input. I am a highly sexual female. I ID as queer and tho i appear femme in many ways, I do have "male" qualities. I am assertive, open, energetic and often dress in men's tshirts, jeans and chucks. I never wear high heels. But I do get a kick out of dressing up boho/girly as well.

But, my libido! OMG. Once peri-menopause got underway 10 yrs ago, and my kids were all finally sleeping thru the night, I became MUCH more interested in sex, and went from multi-orgasmic (like 3 or 4 Os) to being able cum almost unlimitedly for an hour or much more.

I've been with my current primary partner for only 10 mos. I still feel NRE for her, but hers seems to have faded somewhat (altho she denies this, and it could be related to job loss depression). One of the things I miss about the earlier months was when I'd walk thru the door after not seeing her for a couple days, and we'd imm kiss and run to bed.

In speaking of men and women, I'd like to add my partner is a MtoF transgendered woman. So. The gender binary doesnt really relate to us, we both share aspects of both genders. I'm a switch, I can top or bottom...
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