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Originally Posted by swmnkdinthervr View Post
It's very possible that we're not a good fit here but we just don't see the need to "defend" ourselves or our choices to the outside world but it appears there may be the need to do so in this forum. We don't wish to offend anyone in any way so we will consider removing our profile and participate elsewhere, if we do hang around we will remain silent for the most part and just read. We seriously have appreciated all of the information and advice!!!

John...with Sandi contributing from the chair next to me!
Oh, no no no, there is no need to leave or defend yourselves. You are both very welcome here! Most of us get into lengthy conversations and even argue our points, but no one is saying you don't fit in! Sometimes we have to ask a lot of questions just to gain more of an idea of where people are coming from on any given topic. That doesn't mean there is judgment or narrow-mindedness (though sometimes that can happen - we have many members from all over). Like I said earlier, there are plenty of people here who swing - you just haven't heard from many of them yet, probably due to the holidays.

Don't go, we're just getting to know you.
The world opens up... when you do.

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