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Yesterday I got this very generic message from someone, not on OKC but at PMM:
"Looks like we would play well while exploring the energies and synergies. Looking forward to the possibilities. [his name & phone number]"
That was it. No mention of anything in my profile. Looks like we'd play well? I assume he is using the word "play" to mean sex. My profile very specifically states I am not looking for casual sex. Explore energies and synergies? Yeeecccchhhh! And then he actually includes his phone number as if I would run right to my phone and call him up! I wrote back: "What does that mean? Is that your standard form letter you send to everyone?" His reply:
"No form. Looked like we had some compatibility. Seeking to find out if there was some interest in seeing if there was real alignment or not. Was there something off putting?"
Man, he is full of cliches, but never indicates that he even read any of my profile, such as why he thinks we'd be compatible, which bugs me to no end. I wrote back why that was indeed off-putting and then I blocked him.

Addendum: The "poly, artsy, and agnostic" guy I mentioned having contacted (in my previous post) wrote back! He thinks my gray hair is sexy and likes curvy plus-sized women! He's not into casual sex and is looking for friendships first. And he's totally hawt, from what his pictures reveal. Hopefully there will be more to tell, eventually...
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