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My wife has been Wiccan since a young age and psychic abilities has run in her family among the women. I seem to have believed in most of what Wicca is all my life but grew up only knowing of Catholic and Christian as the main faiths people followed so when I met my wife and after a few years finally started asking alot of questions about her path I was shocked to hear it fit what I've believed in since childhood.

We never talked about anything Poly till a few years after we were married and still never had the guts to really look into it till now. We did sorta set down ground rules but it just seemed like such a far fetched thing ie how could it ever happen and find the right person. Not sure if it's because I'm Pagan but just seems normal to me if everyone can be truly honest about their feelings. Which we strive to be, just common sense to me. Truth hurts but there is less bad feelings if everyone can accept the honesty.
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