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Default Continued (hopefully)

Hello Everyone,
Ok - just getting used to this Forum posting so hoping this post lands in a proper place. Only way we could figure out how to do it ?
Mono has tagged it dead on - i.e that the general consensus seems to be that large numbers of males are "coming out" if you would, and either embracing or experimenting with their bisexual side solely from lack of available females to attempt any alternative form of relationship other than full 100% monogamous commitment. Classic marriage in some form at least.
But Cioli - it's really not a terribly big leap although we can't be totally sure it's not more of a States issue than a global one. You, having maybe more of a global exposure, may have a different perspective. We could certainly take you on a "tour" of numerous meeting sites here in the US where you could experience this yourself. It's quite astounding compared to 10 - even 5 years ago.
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